Vegan/Plant Based Catering Menus

We are very excited to launch our new home cooked vegan menus…

We have Five different options 
All prepared in our Home Cooking Style

Forkless Buffet 
Relaxed Dinning Buffet 
Bowl Food Party 
Dinner Party/Celebration Menu 
Vintage Afternoon Tea.

All Prices are based on 35 guests smaller and larger number quoted separately

Home Cooked Vegan Menu Selection Includes:

Herby Plant Based Pastry Rolls, Houmous Smoked Cheese, Buffalo Quorn Spicy Wings, Chickpea Coronation, Roasted Vegetable Pasta, Marinated Quorn Skewers, Butternut Squash, Quinoa &  Herb Stuffed Peppers, Roasted Vegetable Wellington with a Red Wine Jus, Morello Cherry & Apple Crumble, Vegan Cheese Selection with Biscuits…