Bringing Home Cooked Food to your Home & Future Events

We are now in our 35th Year as Caterers and despite this devastating time in people lives, it has been an important time to reflect. Clients and many Business Associates who know us will be quite aware that nothing will stop us. Developing the business is paramount to moving forward.

We have been working hard within Government Guides Lines (which change weekly) to be able to provide catering services to past and new clients. As well as working towards Catering for future events, we have also started a delivery service and have been overwhelmed with the response we have received from the local community. Seeing people’s faces as a surprise Cream Tea arrives from a relative in Australia or a friend a couple of doors away, makes it worthwhile.

This year is certainly a new Chapter for Home Cooking by Elizabeth. Elizabeth has held a Personal Alcohol Licence for more than two decades. We are now excited to announce that on 15th June 2020 we are licensed to sell Alcohol at our Showroom. We will be offering a selection of Award-
Winning Alcohol for delivery and sale online.

Elizabeth & Family are continuing to offer an exceptional service throughout Surrey & Beyond, we look forward to hearing from you.