Puddings….Save the Best till Last!

Never underestimate the importance of Pudding!unnamed (1)

You might have just eaten a large meal including a starter, main course and a generous cheese platter with bread or biscuits but when it comes to dessert or pudding it seems we always try to find room for this extra special treat.

When you are in a restaurant, do your eyes light up when you see a particularly gooey sweet treat being delivered to another table to cries of “oooh, I’l never eat all that”. Of course, everyone knows you will have a darn good go at consuming it all to the last chocolatey mouthful and rightly so.unnamed

Some people are so excited about the prospect of the ‘pud’ that they gobble down the savoury to get to the sweet ending to the meal. Or perhaps, on the contrary, children struggle to conceal their disinterest in the main meal whilst dreaming of the grand finale of creamy, sugary delight. There they are, pushing the broccoli* round the plate or hiding their fish fingers* under their napkin all in order to make sure the chance of dessert will not be taken away because… “you haven’t eaten your dinner…so no pudding” is not something you want to hear. Horror of horrors the pudding denial…now, there is something to think about, why deny this part of the meal, is it so naughty? Well…probably, yes it is! But therein lies the appeal and that is why it is such an important part of successful dinner party planning. So the trick is to end your dinner party in style and with a showstopper dessert or pudding.


At ‘Home Cooking by Elizabeth’, we know all about puddings and desserts and we have a delectable array to tempt you and give your guests a meal to remember. We are happy to help you plan your menu and choose the right dessert for your special occasion. So don’t count the calories, just count the happy faces of your guests when you present them with one of our special desserts. Easy as Apple pie!

Here are a few of our delicious puds to get you in the mood.. yummy….vintage tea party - cakes11760120_920394437998985_8741326086876871343_n 11751450_920394424665653_1797693479612947105_n 11695454_920394441332318_8264362943002784101_n 11666279_920394447998984_4295060076761293735_n 11542091_920394434665652_4543026142032419144_n 11000617_920394431332319_4984890532333267255_n 10411838_920394451332317_837531146331626725_n 10408623_920394444665651_6068307851605547791_n 1011064_920394454665650_6355642626394643981_n


* apologies to all broccoli and fish finger lovers of the world, i’m sure there is something that gets pushed around your plate instead in the pursuit of the pudding course…you can use your imagination!